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Luciferases and Skype reunion

Hi Mariana,

What promoter and RBS are you using to express the luciferase? This could be an issue.
If you are conducting an in vitro assay then you could try using higher luciferin concentrations. We think that uptake of luciferin is the limiting factor. Also we notice a burst of emission immediately after adding the luciferin. One strategy would be to take a plate into a dark room and add luciferin. Wait 10 minutes first to let your eyes adapt.

We really never took any picture, as there was nothing to see.
If you have a camera where you can set exposure time it is definitely worth it, since 30s of exposure can capture a lot more than your eye.

We were wondering if you wanted to talk on Skype later? Might be easier than email. We'll try to send you stuff soon.


Theo and the rest of the team

Answer from UNAM_genomics_MEXICO team

Hi Theo and the rest of the team!

I assume that you're working also with the firefly luciferase then.

In the first trial that I made, I tried using a pBluescriptIIKS(+/-) and in regards to the RBS, I took into account the experience of the registry with this part and we synthesize a special primer to delete this bases:

"Note that sequencing shows an unexpected insertion of 6 bases, ACCACC, after the scar between the ribosome binding site and the ATG of the luciferase coding sequence; that is, the sequence reads ACTAGACCACCATG rather than ACTAGATG. If this is correct, these 6 bases must be present in luciferase BioBrick BBa_I712019, or else were introduced by a random event during construction. This makes the RBS 12 bases from the ATG, somewhat more than the optimum, but with a strong RBS (like J15001) should still give about 25% of the expression level expected for optimum spacing in E. coli (Vellanoweth & Rabinowitz, 1992, Molecular Microbiology 6, 1105-1114)."

Now, I'm planning to use a constitutive promoter (J23101) from the registry.

About the skype meeting, my username is Mariana Ruiz Velasco, considering the 6 hrs of difference, at which time do you think we can talk?


Mariana Ruiz Velasco Leyva
Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences
6th generation

Express delivery instructions

Hi again Cambridge!

About the express delivery: please declare them as synthetic oligos and avoid using the words "DNA", "plasmid", "bacterial", "biological" by all means. I will also ask you to label the tubes by number and to avoid descriptions, you can give me the details by mail later. Please tell me how many tubes you are sending and the tracking number, as the customs protocol requires this information.

The address is the one that I previously send to you and don't forget to add the paragraph rewarding the non-hazardous, etc material.

My team and I thank you again for your willingness in helping us,