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About firefly and bacterial luciferases

Hi again!

Thank you very much for your prompt answer (and sorry for mine =S)!

About the firefly luciferases, I tried them in the following way:

I grew the clone overnight in 5ml of LB with shaking (8000rpm), in the presence ampicilin (5μL). The following day, cells from 1 ml were spun down and resuspended in 0.5 ml of 5 mM citrate buffer with a pH of 4.8. To this was then added 1μL of 100 mM D-luciferin. The assay was performed in a dark room; nevertheless, bioluminescence was never visible (we waited about 25 min). We really never took any picture, as there was nothing to see.

Is there any other suggestion?

In regards to the Vibrio fischeri's luxCDABE genes, it will be really useful to have the plasmids under a inducible promoter repressed by araC. We have arabinose. We need to tell you that there have been previous misunderstandings with customs, where deliveries taking around 1 week take around 1 month (which we can't afford at this time and with the competition so close). If you could please send them via express delivery, we will appreciate it and we can cover the charges if necessary. The address is:

Miss Mariana Ruiz Velasco Leyva
LCG-UNAM (mruizvel@lcg.unam.mx)
Centro de Ciencias Genómicas
c/- Mr. Hugo Godin
(tel. +525557713305)
Agencia aduanal pascal group
Aeropuerto Internacional de la Cd. de México
Avenida Tahel No. 7 Col. Pensador Mexicano
Delegación Venustiano Carranza
México, D.F.
C.P.: 15510

We will appreciate if you please tell us how many tubes there will be. Following this, we want to ask you whether you could mark them by number instead of by names and send them containing the next information:

Contents: Synthetic oligonucleotides. Non-hazardous biological material. Non-toxic, non-viable, non-infectious, and poses no hazard to human health or to the environment.

Contenido: Oligos sintéticos. Material biológico no peligroso. No tóxico, no viable, no infeccioso, no representa ningún riesgo para la salud humana o el ambiente.

Thank you very much for your help and if there is anything that we can do for you, let us know.



Mariana Ruiz Velasco Leyva
Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences
6th generation