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Cambridge team response


Thank you for getting in touch. We like the look of your project, it is an exciting concept. Communication without chemical messengers is a very clever idea.

A collaboration sounds a very good idea. We are at an early stage in our wet work, but we keep our notebook up to date with all experiments and current thoughts. Let's keep in touch over the course of the summer.

Best wishes

Theo Sanderson Cambridge iGEM

UNAM-Genomics E-mail: Establishing Communication by first time

Hi, Cambridge 2010 Team!

We are the UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team and we´re writing to you because in our project we are also working with bioluminescence.

You can find our wiki at the following link:


As you will notice, our goal is to establish communication between bacteria through light, and we planned to use Photinus pyralis luciferase, LRE enzyme and Lux Operon from Vibrio fisheri, to produce it.

We thought that as our teams have been working with those systems, it would be a great opportunity to collaborate, so that every project could be enriched: exchanging knowledge, experiences, strategies, parts, and more. And surely there would be better results for both teams at the competition.

Proximately, we are going to test two preliminary constructions: a mutated version of luciferase to generate red light and the LuxAB genes, we really hope to get good results.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to know what you think about our proposal, and if you agree we could establish a more detailed communication to make a deal of how to work together.

Hope everything goes well with your project and feel free to ask either curiosity that you have about our project, we recommend you to visit our personal wikis.

Best regards,

The UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team.