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  • Made E.Coli Competent Cells; Procedures indicated in Common Protocol Binder


  • Prepared staph ON culture for staph competent cell. -Placed in 37C shaker (90rpm) at 4:30pm
  • ON cultures prepared on Monday (July 05) overgrew; formed biofilm: (18hours +, 180 rpm, 32C in AMBEL incubator)
  • Unable to proceed with staph competent cells due to presence of biofilm in dilute culture;

retry tomorrow.

dspB Track

Marianne and Vicki

Send to NAPS

  • Send 8T3, 6T10, 6T11, 6T14 to NAPS:
  • Final concentration: 200ng/uL; final volume: 10uL
Table 1. Concentrations of samples
Volume of sample (uL)Volume of H2O (uL)
  • Primers: VF2 and VR
  • 5uM each; 6 uL total (require 1uL of 5uM primers)
  • Sent off to NAPS @ 1150