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Day 9

today we tried to identify the biobricks we had on 1.B , 1.B xl1bue and 1.C samples

We proceeded by doing a restriction with EcoR1 and PST1 in order to extract the biobrick from the plasmid

We the run a gel to identify the plasmid and the biobrick


The gel confirm that 1.C sample is contaminated by another plasmid as we can identify two biobricks ≈ 0.6 kb and ≈ 0.75 kb The sample may be contaminated by 1.D

For 1.B samples we can identify the pSB1A2 plasmid at ≈ 2 kb

But we can't see the biorbrick extracted as it may be only 56 bp long

We ran a 1.5 % agarose gel with a 100 pb ladder


The absence of DNA near the 50 bp marker means that there is not the BBa_K091110 biobrick present in the sample

Next week we will replace it by BBa_K091111