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Day 8

Every tube grown well overnight except for the two 1.E tubes wich are clear after centrifugation we confirmed that nothing grew on the two 1.E tubes

We did a miniprep for the other tubes , We used our new GeneJET™ Plasmid Miniprep Kit [1]

We checked the samples concentration with the nanodrop [2]

Nanodrop 12 07 Sheet1.jpg

We got better results than with the QIAGEN® kit

We decided to run an agarose 1% gel electrophoresis to confirm what we got on the samples


Expected sizes :

1.A = 4.6 kb

1.B = 2.1 kb

1.C = 2.6 kb

1.D = 2.8 kb

5.A = 2.1 kb

5.B =3.3 kb

On this gel we can see that there is a purity problem on 1.C sample

and that 1.B samples are out of place , near the 3.5 kb marker

tommorow we will run a gel after restriction to identify the problem with 1.B and 1.C samples