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Day 4

The two tubes put to incubate overnight grown a good amount of bacteria

We did a centrifugation for tree 2 ml tubes per biobrick 3 min at 13 000 rpm

We froze 4 of the tubes and did a miniprep for each tube left .

We used as yesterday a QIAprep® Spin Miniprep kit from QIAGEN® [1]

We then made a titration of the samples with the nanodrop [2] .

Only 1.A gave average results with 28 ng/μL the others < 20 ng/μL

We suspect the problem come from the competent cells we used because we used a different stock for 1.A and 1.E

1.E giving bad results from the beginning it might come from a bad transformation .

We will verify this theory next week by changing our competent cells .

Next week we will also extract the plasmids needed for the construction of the third operon because we are still waiting the requested biobricks (BBa_K091106, BBa_K091001, BBa_K091002 )to be delivered to construct our second an fourth operon