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Day 1

For the first week of our project lab we will extract the biobricks needed for the first operon construction . Operon 1.jpg


On the first Day we did a transformation by electroportation for each part needed

We put 50 µL of DH5α competent cells into 2ml tube. Added 1,5 µL of the resuspended DNA to the 2ml tube.

We then transfered the cells + DNA into pre-chilled electroporation cuvettes

After the electroporation we added 200 μl of SOB media and incubated the cells at 37ºC for 45 min

We plated 50 µl of the transformation onto LB dishes ,

with Kanamicin 50mg/mL Antibiotic for 1.A and 1.E and Ampicilin 100 mg/mL for 1.B 1.C 1.D

We then put the plate to incubate at 37ºC for 16 hours