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Entry title


Daily Work

Goals 7/21/09

1. Assign members to projects

2. Create spreadsheet of checkpoints for projects

3. Finish protocol Google Doc

4. Create reservation list for PCR machine

5. Transform I13504

6. Liquid cultures of empty plasmids


7. Figure out way to obtain genome

8. Obtain beta carotene synthesizing strain

9. Talk to Med Center Safety Team for the level of danger with adding Hly Gene Cluster to our device

7/31/09 10. Email Andy about Trp repressor/and other molecular engineering. Present the Trp sensor molecular engineering ideas.

11. Reply to Dr. Birgit Bergmann about the pMOhly1 plasmids.

12. Design mutagenesis primers for the Trp molecular engineering.

13. Check for strains of E. coli that are resistant to 5-methyl tryptophan.

14. Check again with Dr. Endy regarding the beta carotene synthesizing strain of E. coli developed by Seon-Won Kim's group.

15. All the wetlab tasks listed on the main notebook page.

16. Check with Ellyn and David regarding safety of heterologous expression of hly secretion system.


17. Check paper on triple operator – repressor interactions.

18. Check w/ Yanofsky regarding trp transporters/permeases (i.e. trp permease, lac permease) in E coli

19. Check for papers regarding trp transporters in Dendritic cells

20. Resolve the problem of trpR heterodimers (i.e. perhaps use a strain that is trpR- mutant and produces just enough trp for the strain to survive?)

21. TrpR is autoregulated.

22. Find TrpR- strain.


23. Design primers for mutagenesis of TrpR

24. Design primers for mutagenesis of Trp Operator

25. Design primers for mutagenesis of pMKhly1 plasmid?

26. Amplify pMKhly1 plasmid?


26. Prepare Trp Sensor presentation

27. Purify, ligate, transform, plate second attempt of first round plasmid constructs.

28. Redo colony PCR on the first attempt colonies of the first round constructs.


Accomplishments 7/21/09

4. completed

2. completed

1. completed

6. completed


5. completed (not by me)

3. completed (Suzie)

8. completed

9. completed


Alternative Solutions


Weekly Goals