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Stanford Resources, Grants, Programs

  • Undergraduate Environmental Research Grants: Stanford faculty are eligible to receive Undergraduate Environmental Research Program (EURP) grants through the Woods Institute, and funding is by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE). Faculty may select students for their projects, and most have. [1]
  • Woods Institute for the Environment: [2]
  • Stanford University Global Climate and Energy Project: [3] Getting funded: [4]
  • Stanford Bio-X Undergraduate Grants: [5]
  • UAR Grants: Information: [6] Application: [7]

Clean Tech/Energy Corporations

"Verdezyne employs its biology expertise and proprietary advanced computational algorithms to design and synthesize novel, high-diversity gene libraries for engineering proteins, metabolic pathways, and microorganisms. The company creates and harnesses this unique biological diversity to direct the evolution of novel metabolic pathways for cost effective commercial production of biofuels and platform chemicals."

  • Lightspeed Venture Partners: [[9]]

"Lightspeed Venture Partners VIII, L.P. is offering grants for undergraduate and graduate students studying engineering and computer science who are interested in exploring an entrepreneurial opportunity over the summer of 2009 in the technology or alternative energy fields."

  • Amyris Biotechnologies: [10]

"harnessing that power to train Escherichia coli, via molecular biology, to make artemisinin, a very effective antimalarial agent but one that is expensive on an industrial scale to harvest, extract and purify from its wormwood plant source."

  • Synthetic Genomics: [11]

"The startup created by Craig Venter, of human and synthetic genome fame, to commercialize synthetic biology through biofuels productions is looking for capital." Wants to create the first synthetic life form.

Biotech/Biopharma Corporations