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Daily Work


Project / Accomplishments

  • Wrote up detailed protocol for PCR w/ new primers


Alternative Solutions


  • 9am meeting w/ Grad Student
    • Anusuya w/ IBD and Immune System
      • Not so much Immunology....
      • Emphasize work w/ Il-10 treatment= PRECEDENT
      • Need slide w/ differentiation
      • Too many slides
      • Symptoms- mention somewhere else but don't necessarily need its own slide
        • Is video necessary?
      • Emphasize why our therapy is BETTER
        • Awesomeness on 1 slide - update advantages slide to compare to current therapy
        • Table? Larger font?
      • Answer question more clearly about why we need device 2
    • Suzie's Slides w/ Constructions
      • Slide 1 - colored lines and provide key
      • Slide 2 - mention vBOL
      • Slide 3 - ask about sequences leading to protein- is it correct? Add arrows
        • Graph Larger
      • Slide 4- Easiest to understand and just label important parts..weak constitutive beta carotene?? OR not?
      • Slide 5 - metadata?
      • Slie 6- rest.... revise for device 2... const export system?
    • Mark and lab update...
      • Cultures of parts... mini-prep and pcr w/ new primers...

  • 5:30 meeting w/ Clinician
    • Update From Meeting with IBD Specialist Dr. Shamita Shah
      • Good News
        • Fully supportive of the concept
        • Understands importance of and our reasoning behind both devices
        • Supports probiotic research
        • Enthusiastic for future implications of this device as a “treatment/diagnostic tool”
        • Willing to share her own slides on IBD and give 20 presentation on her current knowledge
          • She has great statistics and can help us frame our device to tailor to a specific target audience
      • Next Steps
        • Decide what “phase” of IBD we want to target
        • Early diagnostic… difficult to distinguish between UC and Crohn’s, but certainly useful
        • Complementary treatment: use as another “tool” for clinicians
        • Post-treatment diagnostic to prevent recurrence…
        • Dr. Shah sees this as the most promising and necessary right now w/ regards to treatment
        • No previous probiotic research in this field
        • Many cases lead to recurrence- and patients need annual colonic scopes
      • Meet w/ Dr. Shah again early September
      • Challenges
        • We need numbers…
        • The “ratio” needs to be known or better understood and Dr. Shah doesn’t collect these numbers
        • When/how will the device be “triggered” with regards to these numbers?
        • Switch bacterial strain to be more sustainable in the small intestine?


Weekly Goals