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Daily Work


  • Keep looking into Powerpoint graphics for vBOL
  • Researching wiki codes for templates and organization


  • Practiced and read through wiki source codes
  • Also, worked w/ vBOL graphics


  • Met w/ Cesar and showed him the progress
  • Created 4 new vBOL protoype images w/ Graffle for forward and reverse, inducible vs repressible promoters
  • Figured out some wiki and html coding that will be useful


  • wiki vs html code- I think we need to switch over to html and our wiki page to the iGEM page

Alternative Solutions

  • Need to look into other layout designs for wiki...


  • Meeting w/ Cesar at 4pm at Y2E2
    • Finalize new images.. ask team
    • Create Prototypes
    • Presentation on how I imported graphics into clip-art
    • Look into Add-Ins for pwpt?


Weekly Goals

  • Finalize wiki layout and figure out coding
  • Look into Add-In design for vBOL