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Modeling on the Wild Type Tryptophan Gene Regulatory System

Below are the several critical equations we use in this model:

Equations for the simple trp modeling.jpg

Parameter estimation for the simple trp modeling.jpg

Base on the fitting to Fig 1 from Reference [2], we came to the result kT=1.62e4 molecules/cell. While the kT measured by Schmitt et al. (1995) is 1.97e4 molecules/cell. The figure below shows the result of our fitting, and the comparison to standard kT value.

Plot on kT-wt.jpg

Thus, it is reasonable to calculate k_T values for trp with mutant repressor, 5MT with wildtype repressor, and MT with mutant repressor.

Plot on kT-wt2.jpg

Plot on kT-wt3.jpg

Plot on kT-wt4.jpg

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  • Can you put up a diagram of the model that you are solving. -Chris

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