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Daily Work





Device I

  • Assay 1: Test SoxR/SoxS
    • Could anyone explain it to me? Thanks@@
  • Assay 2: Test Crt Cluster
    • Ming wrote: "Need to find: concentration of initial IPP"
    • Actually we've already finished a model from IPP-->B-carotene-->RA. Probably we can scan the initial concentration of IPP, and take a look at the steady state production rate of RA accordingly?
  • Assay 3: Test BLH and RalDH
    • Ming wrote:"Need to find: Side effects (if any) of too much RalDH in E.Coli"
    • Yep, we also need that as a restriction to the level of RalDH.

Device II

  • Assay 1: Test Trp Operon
    • "Need to find: concentration of initial 5MT"
    • We can model on that. Any restriction or demand?
  • Assay 2: Test IL-6 Secretion
    • How fast is it? Still need to model on that.

Alternative Solutions


Weekly Goals