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A summary on modeling of Device I

(Updated by Mary on Aug 3, 2009. Please feel free to give any comments or suggestions.)

  • 1.NO->SoxS--SoxR binding:
    • Need to caluculate: steady state percentage of SoxR-SoxS Binding
    • Problem: Probably the dynamic process is too slow (over 4 hours?). Any way to fasten it?
  • 2.SoxS-SoxR binding-->Crt production
    • Not quite clear yet. Need help from Bobby.
  • 3.IPP(+crt)-->B-carotene:
    • Results by far: the largest percentage of B-carotene in all products is 68%, as shown in the table below:
    • B-caro distribution.jpg
    • Need to find out: the approximate velocity of this process (hopefully not too long...), and how we can adjust the velocity by changing the levels of crtB/E/I/Y.
    • Problem: Bunches of paremeters to be found....@@...We need help...
  • 4.B-carotene(+Blh)-->Retinal(+RalDH)-->RA:
    • Results by far: We found that neither Retinal nor Retinoic Acid is actually degraded in E.coli, thus all B-carotene that is not degraded, will eventually turn into RA.
    • Problem: Still need to find out the appoximate production rate of B-carotene. With it, hopefully we can scan different values of the enzymes in the reaction, namely Blh and RalDH II, to figure out appropriate levels of them that can ensure a comparingly faster process.

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