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Daily Work


  • [enter the daily team daily goals]


  • Wet-Lab
    • Transformation of SoxR/S did not work
      • Too many colonies on both plates- too much background on control plate.
      • However, we drew them out way too late- around 7:30pm instead of 9 am
      • Assuming it was a bad vector
      • Redo the digestion
    • Set up tomorrow's projects mini-preps, digestions, and ligations
      • Plates would need to be taken out Saturday
    • Liquid Cultures of B0015, B0034, genes 56 and 57
  • Project "Clean-Up"!
Our Results... Now it is Clean!

  • Dry-Lab
    • [what projects occurred today?]
    • [what were the results?]


  • [what problems occurred? frustrations?]

Alternative Solutions

  • [solutions to the problems/future ideas]


  • iGEM BBQ @ CAL from 9am-6pm


  • Tomorrow To Do:
    • Morning: Device 1/ Round 1 Digestions
    • 12:00pm: "Mini-Prep" of
      • B0015 and B0034
      • Synthetic Genes 56 and 57- Raldh and Blh
    • Afternoon:
      • Ligations of RBS SoxR/S and GFP (5)
    • End of the Day
      • Transformations and Cell Cultures of SoxR/S and GFP parts

Weekly Goals

  • [enter the team's weekly goals]