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9 pm meeting

  • Go forth withe the Tryp Analogue idea
    • Patients take supplementary tryp analogue pills
    • Device 2 detect the degradation of the Tryp analogue instead of regular tryptophan
    • Reduce background noice

11 pm meeting

  • Decide which components we want to do with primer ourselves and which components to be send to be synthesized
    • sequence design
    • construction management plan--intermediate steps
      • make each components individually, and then assemble it
      • Construction map: decide which intermediates we need
      • Make sure the components works in parallel first

  • Things to consider
    • 1. Most useful to Stanford IGEM 09
    • 2. Most useful for All (Biobrick, future studies, etc)
  • Steps
    • Design
    • Testing Plan
    • Construction Plan
      • For example:
      • 7-2.JPG
    • Timing Plan
      • Critical Path

Question: How much of the management do we want to do?


  • compose a draft by Monday morning
  • map out a timing plan