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  • Context: specific disease targeted for therapy (IBD)
  • Mechanism: designed as a therapeutic probiotic
  • Project details fleshed out at the systems, device, and parts level
  • Identification of first- and second-order problems
  • Five plasmids designed:

primers sequenced for 10 genes

specific gene sequences identified

First-order problems

  • Systems level

Extent of imbalance between Tregs and Th17 cells in IBD Predicting the degree of change our device will enact on Th17:Treg ratio Decide on ideal chassis; current possibilities: Nissile 1917, Bactoblood, CFB

  • Device/Parts level

Background noise disrupting functionality of Trp operon (in vivo challenge) [trp] for which the immuosuppression device must be functional Engineer protease binding space for plasmid containing IL-6/signal peptide

Second-order problems

  • System level

An embedded off/kill mechanism Sustainability of our therapy population, esp. with regard to competition with microbiota already inhabiting the gut Determine the extent to which Berkeley’s modifications apply to our device

  • Device/Parts level

Soxr protein sensitivity to NO Terminator efficiencies

  • Parts level

IL-6 export and cleavage, functionality compared to hIL-6

Tasks to be completed in upcoming week

  • Design a dynamic illustration of our machine, to be posted on the wiki
  • Address first-order problems
  • Organize lab space
  • Update the wiki—build infrastructure for experimental log
  • Send out sequences to be constructed