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  • This iGem project is set up by South University of Science and Technology of China, which is a public institution funded by the municipality of Shenzhen, a special economic zone city in southern China.
  • website: http://www.sustc.edu.cn

SUSTC iGEM journal club course Instructor: Dr. Jiankui He (jiankuihe@gmail.com).

Office: Room 306, Administration Building. Phone: 0755-86245720, Cell phone: 18688955436 Office hour: you can stop at my office anytime after 7:00pm.


 the page will be create when roster of all the groups is collected.

Roster of our teams


  • Jiankui He
  • Pu Li

Student Members

  • Leader:Xiao Tong
  • Boyu Qie; Chenchen Lv; Jingyao Guo; Junqiu Zhang; Qijia Cheng;Xin Yang; Yidan Pan; Zili Fan;Yujun Zhao;
  • Leader:Shui Jing
  • Boyu Qie;Mengshi Zhang; Minghao He; Xianggeng Liu; Yao Chen;Zhong Zhang;Zishan Wu;
  • Continuously adding.
  • Will be confirmed when the groups have been set up.


  • Hope that everyone can enjoy our journal club.

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