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July 5th, 2007: 9:45-5:00

  • Made new 10x dilution of SYBR green to observe rate of decay
  • Ran gel testing various forms of SYBR green stock solution sample loading on 1kbp ladder
    • Dilutios: Day old 10x DMSO (gel at 1x), Day old 10x TAE (gel at 1x), Fresh 10x DMSO (gel at 1x), Day old 100x DMSO (gel at 10x)
    • results coming soon....
  • transformed registry part BBa_P1010 in PSB1AK3 into DB3.1
    • Standard transformation procedure
    • Plated on amp-kan plate
  • transformed ligation product of PCR for BBa_I741015 on PSB1A2 into DH5alpha
    • Standard transformation procedure
      • Probably won't work: Restriction mixture evaporated and condensed on cap of microcentrifuge tube
    • Plated on amp