IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Core/2009/07/13/Zhangs

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Double digestion for T7ptag + 1-23L insert
Unable to differentiate T7ptag + 1-23L insert and the backbone

Then digest T7ptag+1-23L insert with 3 enzymes
System: 20uL

1.5μL XbaI
1.5μL PstI
2μL 10×M buffer
3μL plasmid
1.5uL HindIII
10.5μL ddH2O
20μL Total

2 samples in totall: T7ptag+T1, T7ptag+T2.

Elcetrophoresis to pure insert.
Sample loading order: T7ptag+T1, T7ptag+T2, vector plasmid control, Marker.
PKU 20090713 Zhangs 1.JPG
The insert has been cut out.