IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/Bistable/2009/07/13/Shan Shen

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Electrophoresis to test the digestion products of 1-18A
The order and the amount of the samples: marker 5μL, plasmids of 1-18A 2μL, digestion products of 1-18A 20μL.
PKU 20090713 Shan Shen 1.JPG
The digestion products still run slower than the uncut plasmids, but 1-18A is tested to be gel-bad according to the registry, so that the products are probably correct.

Continue to prepare competent cells.

Ligation of the 1-18A vector and 1-12O (GFP) inserts.

Total 10μL
Vectors 2μL
Inserts 6μL
T4 ligase 1μL
Buffer 1μL

Transformation of the ligation products and 1-1D, 1-6I to test the efficiency of the competent cells.