IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/Bistable/2009/07/08/Shan Shen

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9:00 Pick JM109 into LB without any resistance for incubation (37゚C)

10:00 Pick 1-18A, 1-18C into LB with Amp for incubation.

15:00 Prepare SOB.

17:00 Pick bi-stable cells of high-copy and low-copy to incubate.

22:10 Miniprep the plasmids of 1-18A and 1-18C

Number of the plasmids Concentration(ng/μL)
1-18A 270
1-18C 167

23:10 Double digestion of 1-18A.

Total 20μL
Plasmids 4μL
Spe1 1μL
Pst1 1μL
Buffer 2μL
ddH2O 12μL