IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/Bistable/2009/07/04/Shan Shen

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Prepare the samples of the bi-stable cells:

Prepare the first sample, the residual was diluted for a fold.
Prepare one sample with the same method each hour.

Check those samples using the flow cytometer. There aren’t strong red and green controls, so that the results are not convincing.

Check the parts:

Number Size of backbone Size of the insert Location in the plate Description Plasmids
BBa_C0040 1-4A Tet repressor + LVA
BBa_C0012 1-2O lacI + LVA
BBa_J09250 2-9B Constitutive GFP
BBa_C0080 1-14L araC + LVA
BBa_K093012 3-13M Constitutive GFP
BBa-J3033 2-4O B0034 + LuxR
BBa_R0010 1-1D LacI regulated promoter
BBa_B0025 1-2E Double terminators
BBa_I14033 1-18P

Transformation for the parts above.

The incubation was started.

Pick the pZSA GREEN and RED for incubation, 3-13M as a red control, 2-9B as a green control, 1-1D as a negative control.