IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Output/2009/07/16/Zhangs

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Store the spawns of 5N+CI②~⑤ and 11N+CI③~④.
Do the PCR identification of T7P+5N+CI+T②~⑤ and T7P+11N+CI+T③~④ using bacteria liquid; 6 samples in total.
Ligate T7P+5J+CI+T again.
Miniprep of T7P+5N+CI+T②~⑤; T7P+11N+CI+T③~④
Concentration: 150ng/uL.
Electrophoresis to identify the 5N+CI②~⑤ and 11N+CI③~④ PCR products.
Result (from left to right)
Sample loading order:1-11N+CI③, 1-11N+CI④,1-5N+CI④, 1-5N+CI⑤, 1-5N+CI②, 1-5N+CI③, Marker
PKU 20090716 Zhangs 1.JPG
The PCR identification results show they have been successfully ligated.