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Add CIAP into 12 RBS digesting vector samples.
Identify the digested ligation product of CI+1-23L/1-4H and RBS vector by electrophoresis

1μL sample
1μL DNA Dye
4μL ddH2O


5μL Marker
1μL DNA Dye

Digestions for RBS vectors failed and we digested again.
Samples: 1-11N, 1-1H, 1004-4C, 1-2M, 1-2I, 1-5N, 1-2G, 1-2K, 1-5J, 1004-3C, 1004-2G, 1-1J

6μL RBS plasmid
1.5μL SpeI
1.5μL PstI
2μL 10×H buffer
9μL ddH2O
10μL Total

Gel Extraction for CI+1-23L/1-4H insert
Gel: CI+1-23L 0.139gPN volume: 417μL
CI+1-4H 0.071gPN volume:213μL

Identify the RBS digestion products by electrophoresis
Results (from left to right)
Plasmid control, 1-2I, 1004-2G, 1004-4C, 1-5N, 1004-3C, 1-2K, 1-1H, 1-1J, 1-2G, 1-11N, 1-2M, 1-5J
PKU 20090703 Zhangs 1.JPG
There are no strips for thee 2008 iGEM parts 1004-2G, 1004-4C, 1004-3C. Perhaps the quality of the 2008 parts is bad.

DNA purification to extract RBS vector

Ligate the RBS vector and CI+Terminator insert

3μL insert
1μL vector
1μL 10× Ligase buffer
1μL Ligase
4μL ddH2O
10μL Total