IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Input/2009/07/16/Min Lin

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MiniPrep 1-18P and 2-4O plasmid
Enzyme Digestion of 1-18P and 2-4O plasmid

SpeI 1ul
PstI 1ul
10xH buffer 2ul
1-18P Plasmid 2ul
ddH2O 13ul
XbaI 1ul
PstI 1ul
10xM buffer 2ul
2-4O Plasmid 10ul
ddH2O 6ul

PKU 20090716 Min Lin 1.JPG
Several Trials and failures, 2-4O can not be digested normally, at least be TaKaRa Enzymes.
Check up the parts and found
BBa_J09855 Constitutive LuxR with pLuxR 1-9H pSB1A2