IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Input/2009/07/09/Hao Wang

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9:06 Miniprep the 2-4O->1-18P plasmids

11:52 Digest the plasmids of 2-4O->1-18P and 1-23L:
Digestion System Insert: 20μL;

Plasmids 5μL
EcoR1 1μL
Spe1 1ul
Buffer 1*H 2μL
dd H2O 11μL

Digestion System Vector: 20μL;

Plasmids 5μL
EcoR1 1μL
Xbal1 1ul
Buffer 1*M 2μL
dd H2O 11μL

12:13 Reaction Start

17:32 Stop the digestion
PKU 20090709 Hao Wang 1.JPG

20:08 Prepare to Ligation

20:17 Ligation start