IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Core/2009/07/22/Shan Shen

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There are 3 clones on the SupD + terminator plate.
PCR to test whether the clones are correct.

Total 10μL
Template Clones
dNTP 2μL
Buffer 1μL
Taq 0.5μL
For-primer 0.5μL
Rev-primer 0.5μL
ddH2O 5.5μL

Electrophoresis to test the PCR products.
The order and the amount of the samples: marker 5μL, negative control, colony 1, colony 2, colony 3.
PKU 20090722 Shan Shen 1.JPG
It is difficult to say which colony is correct.

Miniprep SupD + terminator colonies 1,2,3.

Number of the plasmids Concentration(ng/μL)
SupD1+1-23L 140
SupD2+1-23L 110
SupD3+1-23L 165