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Making Competent Cells

Persons participating: Levi Palmer, Emily Puleo, Kelsey Crossen

  • 9am - Will make chemically competent DH5a cells.

Date: 11/2/13 People in lab: Levi Palmer

Title: Test 11/2 competent cells for competence

Start Time: 5:48 PM

Purpose: To test for competence of cells by transformation

Protocol: LTM ed. 2


Sample Label Description Source Label Quantity
11/2/13 G1 control CT 11/2 competent cells with pUC19, not grown on antibiotic, positive control 11/2 G1 pUC19 CT 4
11/2/13 G1 pUC19 CT 11/2 competent cells with pUC19, grown on Ampicillin 11/2 G5 pUC19 CT 4

Results: Unsure results, lawn growth, retest with negative control

Stop Time: 9:00 PM