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Things to Do Today

1. Tried to come in at 6 to start a time course in which I would construct a growth curve by taking ODs every hour, but the shaker was in use- BUMMER

2. Make a reservation for GC (DCIF)- DONE

3. Start J45800 25-mL culture at 220 RPM immediately in order to extract and run on GC later- DONE

4. Emailed Alex from geobiology again about running GC samples today- DONE

5. GC extract old J45200 culture spiked with isoamyl acetate- DONE

6. Make new biohazard container for heptane mixtures- DONE

7. Make big 2-L cultures of J45700 and J45900 to see if they can smell (Austin and Jason's suggestion)- DONE

8. Recontact Esaki about leucine plasmid- DONE

9. Contact others in Esaki's group about leucine plasmid- DONE (Contacted Yoshimura, Soda)

10. Contact ATCC about leucine-overproducing plasmids/strains- DONE

11. Contact Addgene about leucine-overproducing plasmids/strains- DONE (said they don't have it but are going to ask Esaki about getting it)

12. Extract J45200 culture (the one I gave to Austin) with precursor added to also use on GC (now we will have four samples)- DONE

13. Make more LB AMP/TET media- DONE

14. Bring GC samples to geobiology to run on the GC- DONE

15. Extract J45800------------------------------------------------All need to grow up more...

16. Run J45800 tonight on the GC----------------------------------Will check them...

17. Smell J45700 and J45900 cultures at the end of the day--------tomorrow morning