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Things to Do

1. Ask Isadora about email list- DONE (added to the list)

2. Smell J45900 cultures with 2 g/L leucine added- DONE (doesn't smell! No!! :()

3. Look into ordering chorismate- DONE (costs lots of $, will ask Prather about manipulation of pathways first))

4. Ask Isadora to order leucine- DONE (ordered)

5. Email grad students/Drew/Tom google doc site- DONE

6. Make scented bacteria tool kit for Drew with instructions- DONE

7. Bring scented bacteria tool kit to DHL- DONE (Isadora took it down)

8. Email draft of Prather email to Jason to look over- DONE

9. Email Drew instructions for smelly bacteria tool kit- DONE

10. Email Li Li about buying a polar column for the GC/MS- DONE

11. Check resequencing of failed sequences from Monday- DONE (600A1 also good)

12. Make a glycerol of 600A1- DONE

13. Sign up for plate reader tomrrow- DONE

14. Look up protocol for plate reader- DONE (couldn't find clear protocol from day where we got good results, will make a new one: grow up 5 mL cultures overnight, dilute 1:100 in 25 mL culture for 30 min at 220 RPM)

15. Grow up 6 25-mL J5181 cultures (5 ppm (100 uL 1000 ppm stock), 10 ppm (200 uL 1000 ppm stock), 25 ppm (500 uL 1000 ppm stock), 100 ppm (2 uL pure), 200 ppm (4 uL pure) plus negative control of methyl salicylate)- DONE

16. Grow up J45995, J45996, R0040.E0840, and B0015 cultures for plate reader experiments tomorrow- DONE

17. Send Prather email about chorismate- DONE