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Stuff to do

1. Do 3 minipreps of each J45181, J45250, & J45320- DONE *NOTE- J45400 did not grow up (very frustrating)

2. Digests of each miniprep of J45181, J45250, & J45320 plus two each of 1AK3 and 1AT3- DONE

3. Run a gel on two of each digest (J45181, J45250, & J45320) plus one gel extraction- DONE (all good except for 181 which was uncut)

4. Run a gel of one of 1AK3 and 1AT3 plus one gel extraction of each- DONE (all good except for 181 which was uncut)

5. Dilute 100 uL of J45995, J45996, R0040.E0840, and B0015 into 25 mL LB + antibiotic for ~2.5 hours until OD .23- DONE (bad news- plate reader errors for both me and person working before me)

6. Grow up J45400 on all three antibiotics three times- DONE

7. Run three overnight digests of J45181- DONE