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1. Clean up lab bench- DONE

2. Ask Austin to add months to the calendar- DONE

3. Ask Heather about parking- DONE, have to ask Isadora- DONE and check website- DONE

4. Make new LB media- DONE

5. Make new LB plates- DONE

6. Track down correct glycerols/organize them- DONE

7. LC J45181, J45250, J45320, J45400, J45995, J45996, R0040.E0840, and B0015. The former four will be miniprepped , digested, ligated, and transformed tomorrow. The latter four will be used for another plate reader experiment (hopefully the last one).- DONE

8. Track down DNA of J45181, J45250, J45320, and J45400 for digestion and gel extraction- NOT DONE, could not find uncut preps in the fridge, so must wait a day for LCs to grow and be miniprepped

9. Ask Meagan for backbone plasmids- DONE

10. Update registry entries for parts and google doc spreadsheet on the status of each part- DONE (to some degree)

11. Move -20 degree freezer stuff to spot in big fridge- DONE

12. Made a powerpoint presentation of the very rough drafts of future figures for the paper (including a timeline of work completed)- DONE