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6/30/2006 - recieved 4 strains from Ichiro Matsumura (thanks!).

Overall Strategy

  • Jason is poop.

To Do List

  1. Biobrick the three Calvin cycle enzymes
  2. Find appropriate metbolite for testing the function of the three enzymes
  3. Can we run the Calvin cycle and glycolysis in the same cellular compartment?
  4. We need to do energy/mass balances on Calvin Cycle, etc

Research Questions

  1. Is there an intermediate metabolite in the calvin cycle that would be a decent test for whether all 3 new enzymes were working properly?
  2. Detailed work-up of the energy flux that is needed? Would we be able to get enough out of PR in order to drive the Calvin cycle?
  3. Will we have trouble getting the Calvin cycle to run in the same compartment as glycolysis? In plants they seem to use the chlorplast to help isolate metabolites. However, I think cyanobacteria do it all in one compartment.
  4. How does reverse e-transport work in detail?
    • journal issue about Complex I - the proton pump that oxidzes NADH (which needs to operate in reverse in our case.)
      • E. coli Complex I review - E. coli has two NADH:ubiquinone oxireductases, NDH-1 and NDH-2. Only NDH-1, a 13-subunit membrane-bound complex, couples NADH oxidation (to NAD+) and ubiquinone reduction (to ubiquinol) to transmembrane proton flux.
      • Ref. 18
      • Ref. 19
      • Figure 3 from Ingledew and Poole, "Respiratory Chains of E. Coli." Microbiol Rev, Sept. 1984:

Resp chain e coli.JPG


Strains are stored in -80C in the Endy lab in Autotrophic E.coli box. AE = Autorphic E.coli, we will use that convention for non-BB strains that are stored for this project.

  • AE1 -
  • AE2 -
    • pBR322
    • arap-6his-WT-prkA-pLysS
    • K-12, LB-amp-chl
  • AE3 -
  • AE4 -
    • rbcLS-pMAL-p2x
    • arap-6his-WT-prkA-pLysS
    • K-12, LB-amp-chl
1 AE1 AE2 AE3 AE4 .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........
10 AE1 AE2 AE3 AE4