IGEM:MIT/2005/Tabled because we do not have ToxR-cI fusion: Signal Test (see: John Mekalanos, Harvard, ToxR-cI Fusion)

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  • scFv-ToxR-cI-Reporter fusion
  • When ToxR dimerizes, the proteins attached to ToxR can bind to DNA to bring it together or not.
  • Can see BetaGal or not.
    • (plates) Xgal -> "x" = blue + galactose
    • (liquid) ONPG -> ONP (yellow A420) + galactose
      • Parallel: build ctx promoter with reporter.
  • We can test this now. We just need the plasmid and strains. .
  • Does it autodimerize? Figure out natural behaviors


  • Michelle Dziejman

[[../From email of 7/7 to NK/]]