IGEM:MIT/2005/Colby Discussion

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  • What antigen do we want to attack? Anything.
  • Tricky part: having generic chain to signal the event.
  • To detect surface binding
    • Flow cytometry to detect presence of antigen
  • George Georgiou at UT.
  • Hellinga at Duke.
  • Induction systems - gene. mod. cell that binds to pheromone to gene expression.
    • Modifications made to fuse antibody: no modifications at all. Just fuse DNA to make fusion protein.
    • Usu. use single chain antibody, not entire igg. Just through binding.
    • "Antibody Structure" to see more ideas about domains.
  • Mechanisms:
    • voltage-gated channels
    • ligang-gated channels
    • dimerization
      • 2 antibodies fuse to 2 diff. cell units and having antibody rec different parts to bring subunits close together to bind.
        • feasibility: depends on size of antigen; protein = easy; 15-20 aa. Small molecule would be harder (probably not).
      • Generic system = potentially difficult. Only limits of proteins.
    • cleavage of transcription factor
    • g proteins