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  • Goals and Objectives
    • Immediate goal: glucose induces bacterial cells to make proinsulin (picture demonstration of system)
    • Further goals:
      • standardizing the system to allow for all types of inputs and outputs (diagram)
      • proinsulin processing and insulin exporting out of the cell
      • quantification of signal
  • Steps We Have Taken
    • Biobrick Diagram (show and explain)
    • Found a list of "available and working" parts in registry to test in parallel (have a backup list of "available parts")
    • Found insulin available on e. coli plasmid from invitrogen (and obtained insulin sequence), and other "available" parts to test in parallel
  • What We Need to Do
    • Find and test parts chosen
      • Plan out how to make our own biobrick pieces if necessary
      • Order registry parts, insulin plasmids, BlueHeron parts
      • Pour/buy plates and lab materials (by Monday)
      • Culture cell strains


  1. Can someone else sign so we can get lab materials so that we don't have to wait for Isadora for Monday?

Probably...I don't do ordering for 7.02, so I'm not much help. We can use 7.02/BE109 reagents for now until our order comes in. Shouldn't be a big deal to wait until Monday, really. -KBS

  1. Putting parts together??