IGEM:MIT/2005/Brainstorm on solar device

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The living organic light driven (solar) battery seems so promising. But we ought to have at least a shadow of a guess on how we could create current from a proton source. (the whole proof of concept thing)

Here's opne guess. It was going to go into an email, but i decided to wi-ki-ickey it: We've got a proton source. I'm daydreaming about inducing a usable current by moving our protons somehow. Electrons are the accepted electric currency, but thats because the accepted currency runs on a metal infrastructure and electrons move in metal more freely than protons. If we can make the protons travel (preferably in a loop) we could (possibly?) induce some current action. It would be nice if we could make the protons move with some oscillation, and by osciallation I don't mean day/night cycle, I mean ac type osc. current. This is kind of necassary to do any steady induction. It sort of sounds nuts, but it could actually be quite elegant. My current graple is: would caps and inductors (such to make an osciallting proton current from a constant light) possibly work with proton flow? I don't know. everyone, its time to get out your l33t_ninja_<hacking>_sk111z. This device could go to the moon if we work this portion out.