IGEM:MIT/2005/Beginning of week meeting: Mon. Jully 11

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Division of Labor

These people are responsible for delivering the information to the advisors about the topic.
If you know the answer to one of these, report the information to the designated person.
Write down what you think your responsibilities are and what you expect out of other people in order to accomplish those tasks.

  • Annie - FecA d/b
  • Jessica - Actuator d/b
  • Will - ToxR d/b
  • Ray - Signal Processing ToxR, FecA
  • Jenn - Manager of Everything
  • Maxine - ligand design/build
  • Jenny - Schematic, scFv bulding (fusion with ToxR)

Things to do

  • Harvard strain depository --look into it.
  • Order ToxR today -- Jen
  • Protein engineering biobricks -- Will
  • Protein design scFv FecA -- Annie
  • Get vector from TK. We need a clean miniprep to do this.
  • Schematic for FecA, ToxR -- Jenny

  • Synthesis

State of our Experiments

Experiment 1: ToxR & CI

  1. anti fluorescin scFvs: specified on registry, have plasmid -> make primers, order from BH?
  2. ToxR/cI fusion: haven't been able to get cells from Mekalanos lab. ToxR and cI both specified, cI not by us.
    • figure out if we can use biobricked cI
    • can we get ToxR somewhere else?
  3. MalE/PhoA: can get from e. coli genome: if we're sure we want it, design primers.
  4. fluorescin oligos: someone needs to work with TK to obtain primers with fluor. molecules and do PCR to get linked oligos.
  5. strains AH5.5 & AH5.9: got em!

Experiment 2: ToxR & ctx

  1. see above for scFvs, MalE/PhoA, f-oligos, ToxR
  2. ctx: specified, to be ordered from BH. Can we get it somewhere to biobrick ourselves?
  3. decide what strain to do this in.

Experiment 3: FecA

  1. need to figure out precise experiments.
  2. FecA sequence not specified yet, because of some discrepancies that require resolution.
  3. question to be answered asap:
    • where to fuse, based on geometry of protein. Probably will do in numerous places.
    • what are the sequences?
  4. Help from advisors? how do B/T cells respond?
  5. get Fec- cells?

Experiment 4: Transmembrane fusion of IMP and OMP:

  1. Looking into a few more proteins (TolC, AcrA).

Experiment Future:

  1. need to biobrick anti-rabbit scFv