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Synthetic biology initiative at KMUTT

  • In October 2008, a first lecture of synthetic biology that includes its biobrick and IGEM concepts was given by Aj. Asawin Meechai at the first Biological Engineering camp. There were about 30 participants composing of undergraduate students with both engineering and life sciences from various universities in across the country attending.

Since then, Aj. Asawin has given the same lecture several more times to several groups of people including KMUTT's CEOs, faculties and students to promote this new exciting discipline to KMUTT people.

Moreover, Aj. Asawin has incoporated this synthetic biology into many courses including -Bio100: Biological Sciences for Modern Engineers -->target group is undergraduate students from the engineering school -BIF772: Systems Biology and Metabolic Engineering -BIT673: Advanced Biotechnology -BIE600: Introduction to Biological Engineering

To be continued...