IGEM:Indian Institue of Technology Madras/2009/Notebook/PLASMID - Plasmid Locking Assembly for Sustaining Multiple Insert DNA/2009/09/20

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Entry title

  • Gel run of yesterday's miniprepped parts and digests
  • ROW 1: Ladder; J23119(S); S03879(E/S); B0034(E/P); K143065(E/P); R0040(E/S); K145151(E/P); B0014(E/P); K156011(E/P); E0420(X/P); I13507(E/P); I13600(E/P); R0010(E/P); J13002-2(E/P); K117005(E/P); I13522(E/P); I13504(X/P); E0430(X/P); J04450(E/P); I13502(X/P); K143065(E/P)
  • Row 2: same order but uncut plasmids