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Wiki tutorial


Smaller title

For bullet points use *:

  • dsdsds
  • dsdsdsds
  • Insert content here...

For numbering use #:

  1. wqwqwqw
  2. ewqwewe
    1. bold text
    2. italics

To create a new wiki page within imperial use the following method for creating link: IGEM:Imperial/2010/Name_of_the_page

Simple rules:

  • No spaces allowed - use underscores
  • Keep the this part of the root unchanged: IGEM:Imperial/2010/ .Just vary the 'Name_of_the_page'
  • Once you create the link you click on it to edit the newly created page

To cover the link with the phrase use the pipe "|" eg:

  • IGEM:Imperial/2010/Name_of_the_page | Name of the page

--> gives: Name of the page

Table of ideas

Table of ideas
Stimulus Signalling Effector 1 (Protease) Effector 2 (Dye,Enz) Pigment biosynthetic pathways
Parasites: Florian & Harrriet 2 components systems transcr sigma 54 2 colourless Billins
Fv-fragment detection system logic gates Activation (phosphorylation) Enz-in-pathway Anthocyanins
  • short pathways
  • ensure - colourless -> colour
Vibrio cholera Target proteases to use: Piotr, Nick, Kyasha
  • not many AA
  • non-toxic
  • can work in E.Coli
  • quantize speed, efficiency
Protein scaffold: Maddie
Toluene, benzene, xylene rings 2C DNA binding prot release

Fret pairs as back up for effectors