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Calibration Curve: GFPmut3b in vitro vs Fluorescence


To construct a calibration curve of GFPmut3b in the in vitro chassis to enable the conversion of Fluorescence to more useful units.

Materials and Methods

Link to the Protocol


Figure 1.1 - Concentration vs Fluorescence

Figure 1.2 - Moles vs Fluorescence

Figure 1.3 - Molecules vs Fluorescence

Figure 1.4 - Molecules per plasmid vs Fluorescence


Now that we have a calibration curve in terms of many units of fluorescene, it is possible for us to convert the results got in terms of fluorescence to molecules produced. This would make the results more generic and thus the transfer function of the constructs can be obtained which is independant of the reporter attached at the end of the construct.

The conversion from one unit to another can be done using this conversion method

Raw Data