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Test for operation at different temperatures for pTet-GFPmut3b



The aim of these experiments was to firgure out the operating range of the pTet-GFP construct in-vitro. The temperatures the construct was tested in are: 8°C, 10°C, 20°C and 37°C.



pTet was tested at 10oC for 4 hours. The results show no expression of pTet-GFP. After this experiment we took the samples out and put them at room temperature over night, this is to see if the low temperature permanently inactivate the in vitro chassis or DNA.

Complete set of results and raw data


pTet was tested at 20°C for two days.

Complete set of results and raw data


pTet was tested at 37°C for two days and a staggered experiment was carried out to minimise the missed measurements over night.

Complete set of results and raw data