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Thursday 6th August 2006

Prepare for presentation tomorrow to professors and advisors.

1) Correct cloning strategy/SLIC

2) Timer (& all modelling)

3) Biobrick/Registry List

4) Assays/Protocols and shopping list

5) Ppt. presentation

So far...

Timer: have a rough idea - still tackling a few problems including trying to find a threshold promoter which is key for a tunable timer. We have to decide between using the 'and' gate system or being media defined... We need to decide our priorities, tunability being the key issue here.

Present both timers tomorrow with the advantages and concerns of each. Make a decision tomorrow with the professors.

Biobricks: Still waiting for timer design to be finalised. Final constructs for GeneArt to be put in one file with references on the wiki BB page.

Killing strategy: DpnII ok for timer. CI sequence still needs to be found.

Assays: To be checked. Cellulase situation being addressed.

Testing constructs: Change and standardise the page on the wiki.

Presentation: Present the timer designs, assays and modelling. Roles for next week. Pick what we want to present - don't make it too long.