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Briefing 4th August 2009

Going through this weeks aims - discuss what has been done and tasks still to complete:

Cloning strategy: - need complete testing constructs, most are ok, a few need changing, some haven’t been matched to modules (especially M3)

Wet lab plan & assay protocols: - need detail

Dry lab: need modelling of the timers. Simulations/models should show where the current timer designs are going wrong. Try and complete by 12pm tomorrow (Weds 5th).

Timer design: this will be reviewed/changed tomorrow (Weds 5th) according to findings from the models & simulations.

Biobricks: Should be checked today.

Trade Name: Project description needs a trade name. Need this by the end of the day. Each person to come up with 2 names by the debrief. These will be discussed and rated.

Cellulase gene sequence - check today.

Wiki - need to start this soon. Create it on OWW 1st, then transfer. Do we want a blog? Google blog?

Journal Club: - next JC on f2620 paper