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Friday 31st of July 2009

Timer & modeling

  • the other way of inducing lac repressor is to use
  • IPTG is basically on and off, we might have a number of problems
  • leakiness in the lac promoter
  • the timer is not directly linked
  • reduced tunability
    • rethink the timer?
    • medium defined: put the glucose, put the arabinose, the time delay is directly correlated to the amount of glucose you put in
  • how long does it take to make a recombinant protein?
  • time delays are massive compared to this
  • make the model into a transforming diagram, the new way of communicating the module: in engineering we don't use ODEs, they are hidden in transforms
  • what is the Tet repressing well or not?
    • it seems so
  • Investigating another solution for M1-M2
    • use an activator, it would be better
    • the current solution wouldn't work (probably)
    • Glucose uptake and energy and protein creation
    • you can buy it: novagen
  • taking two existing prts and making a new one out of it, that is positive, still use an activator

Module 3, Killing

  • Good test would be using Dam+ and Dam- strains
  • Is the lambda Cl going to interfere with lacI
  • Why is harvard's 08 biobrick so bad?
    • we should say that at the jamboree
  • It has to be a tight promoter


  • Module 1 could take ~5hours
  • Module 2 could take ~2hours
  • The flow diagrams are good
  • we should produce three nice models that we can then link together
  • We should probably PCR them all out, much faster
  • Using ligation-indipendent cloning can overcome many of the time limitations
  • Dam doesn't need synthesis