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ATTENDEES: Team 09, James C (JC), Geoff (GB)


  • Needs more work - info needs to be added!
  • Use Vincent’s feedback!
  • Wiki images - need to have the same format - assign 1 person to do this? Decide.
  • Generally needs jazzing up - change background colour and change font style (make sure all text is readable).
  • Start assigning individual pages using Vincent’s ‘role & progress’ page- Friday 3rd September
  • Need to add Clonetech sponsor (awaiting logo from them)


For each module there will be a short video using PowerPoint. The narrator will explain the moving images that are involved in the module. One will be placed on each module page.

M1 Trial Genetic Circuit Video

  • Who is it aimed at?
  • Function - very quick overview
  • Too long - needs to be no longer than 20-30 secs (be brief!)
  • Images should be slicker

  • Each module needs a script and animations:

M1 = Charles
M2 = James
M3 = Kun


  • All parts generally need more detail
  • Make sure references are linked to the text
  • Will be nice to link words that may need defining to Wikipedia (makes it more user friendly)

Complete by: Thursday 3rd Sept - 5pm
Review: Friday 4th Sept

Next Meeting

  • Friday 4th September 09, 4pm in Bagrit HQ - with Profs & Advisors.
  • Will be a progress report and wiki project description pages in detail.