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Will be a briefing from 9 - 9.30am every day - be prompt Will be a debrief from 5.30 - 6pm every day - be prompt Matthieu : doesn’t tend to work

Meeting with the Professors: 26/08/09

Present : Jim, Kirsten, Matthieu, Baldwin, Kitney


Kitney: How long does this ethics part take?
Baldwin: good to fulfil gold medal criteria. Post processing of video?
Kitney: worried that this will take longer than we anticipate. Easy to get distracted by this sort of thing.
K: this year it wont be good enough to have something that works in theory, must work in practice. Ie need the wetlab hours. Bit concerned about distraction from the main project.
Matthieu: time critical factor is the wetlab, not the ones directing the ethics project
Kitney: this is one of 4 criteria. The WIKI is a very important. From the judges perspectives, really cant overstress it.
Chappell: we need more info on the wiki. Atm no finished pages that could be uploaded to the igem wiki.
Baldwin ; what are they looking for in the wiki
K: clarity, presenting the project in a simple way so a layman can understand, easy to navigate, the detail there as well. Lot of work to be done
Chappell : and the registry!
Kitney: need to get down to all the other parts which are certainly necessary for the project.
Baldwin: ethics is a good side project. As long as it doesn’t take away from the wetlab OR wiki. Everyone must contribute to the wiki, too big a thing for one person.
Kitney: what does everyone in the team think?
JF : fair comments, any moment not in wetlab is a moment wasted.
Kitney : definitely have got to have something that works in the wetlab. Absolutely key. Past the times in igem where a clever idea with good background will win it for you. No way that would happen now. Getting something working in wetlab and the wiki are key to a winning project. in it to win it.
Kitney: how arewe doing in terms of geneart?
Kirsten: yeah should be ok this time. Should have stuff delivered next week, but no indication there should be any delay to it. Should be ok
Kitney: what do the advisors think?
JC: in a difficult place, need to keep the momentum going.
Kirsten: need people in the wetlab after the 10 weeks.
Kitney: if you do everything steadily as you go along, much easier to get it sorted than trying to write it all from scratch later on. A significant amount of time may be needed on it.
Matthieu: not worried about the amount of stuff to go on there. Need to have wetlab ppl talking about wetlab, specialised stuff.
NP: should we start to populate main wiki or stick to OWW
Baldwin: maybe we can start on the main wiki. Getting fairly late on in the game.
Kitney: 2 qs. How easy to translate from OWW to main wiki. CF : v easy. 2) OWW is open anyway so its open to other teams anyway.
Matthieu and chappell : difficult to get the structure correct. Different to previous years.
Baldwin ; need to start working on final version
Kitney: need to start thinking about presentation. Poster, tshirts. Good figures for pres, wiki and poster. Pics and graphics are key. In next 2 weeks need to start thinking about final 15 min presentation, really makes a massive difference.
Chappell: how is it with the drylab going away now?
Matthieu; should be ok, models will be completed, need to wait for data. Kun and Charles can do other things. NP and TW can work on wiki from home.
Kirsten: iptg experiments?
Kun and tianyi will go down to labs to collect data.


Kirsten: needs sprucing up a bit, not much colour
CF: its coming, piecing everything together atm. Major work has been going into the structure at the moment. Really want it to be easily readable and navigatable for the judges.
Kitney: the first section is directly equivalent to a business plan. 3-4page executive summary on the project. needs to be concise and stand alone. Means the judges can read it and understand what the project is about and what has been achieved.
CF: main page is the home page, can drill down in each individual section from there
Chappell: most of the time will come from people uploading information to the pages. Want something with like a text box so people can add stuff themselves.
Kitney: need to decide who is doing what so we can get info uploaded.
Chappell: Charles can you be in charge of delegating sections so that people can start to upload things.
Kitney: how much time do youneed? Can we have a look at it next week?
Kitney; on the wiki, need to provide the judges with the evidence as to how we have fulfilled all the judging criteria.


Lots of work to be done!!
Kitney: have you been taking random videos of ppl in labs etc?
Baldwin: who is doing it? How do you set up an interview shot. Don’t look at the camera!